The spring and summer yarn exhibition of Shanghai national convention and exhibition center of jiangsu new resources group in 2018 was concluded on March 16.

2015-12-16 16:10:36

March in Shanghai, warm, and occasionally flutter of the falling rain moistens the earth, and the school of vitality everywhere Jiangsu new resource group go on spring outing, on March 14 ~ 16 in the 15th China international textile yarn (spring) exhibition, bring to and from customers unique new meteorological, solid industrial strength shows the group exhibition site people herd commerce negotiation efficiency Received three days, the group stands audience at home and abroad customers more than 1000 person-time, unfolds the differential acrylic fiber multi-functional multi-purpose high-grade cotton wool yarn High-grade suit fabrics Suit custom for Africa, colored yarn fabric products and other high-end hotels group advantage industry, the negotiation is more than 500 times, 200 items of cooperation intention, the successful completion of this exhibition