The fourteenth China International Textile yarn (Qiu Dong) Exhibition

2015-12-16 16:10:36

In October 11, 2017, the fourteenth China International Textile yarn (Qiu Dong) exhibition was kicked off at No. 5 Pavilion, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition center.
Jiangsu China Resources Group Co., Ltd., with its fiber, spinning, fabric, clothing custom, hotel supplies industry, with a new image to participate in the three day exhibition.
This exhibition, group company to build human and environment harmony, to develop a new value of the future "as the guiding ideology, show solutions to inject new vitality into the textile industry, to consolidate the existing partnership, also found a large number of potential customers, laid the foundation for market development. The exhibition has attracted from Europe and the United States, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, domestic procurement, production of yarn, fiber fabric weaving, trading companies and other more than 700 units to negotiate consulting group booth, on the spot trading cooperation intention more than 100 single, after the need to provide product samples up to more than 300 customers.
With the exhibition platform, the group company has demonstrated the first-class product development, production, service ability and the group's strong strength to the domestic and foreign related customer enterprises in the industry. The group will take the exhibition as an opportunity to strengthen the close cooperation with Chinese and foreign customers, broaden the development of various industries, and be the leader of the development of the industry!

Group booth panorama

People coming and going, an endless stream of visiting customers

The group introduced the latest fur yarn to guests

Group Gold talks with guests

Japanese guests communicate with company Li Li

Fiber buyers understand carefully