New resources group production safety month activity in June, 2017

2015-12-16 16:10:36

For further implement the scientific concept of development, firmly establish the idea of \"safety first\", and to implement \"a five reinforcement and over the host, two breakthrough,\" the work safety in production of focus, combining the reality of our company, this activity plan.

First, the guiding ideology

At the national, provincial, city and county of production safety work conference spirit as a guide, with the scientific outlook on development and safe development concept for, insist on \"safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management\" approach, to intensify the \"basic safety production deepen year\" as the carrier, take the happy and easy to participate in, in the form of centralized organization to carry out a series of rich and colorful, novel content and effective activities, singing safety theme, popularize safety laws and regulations and common sense, to improve the staff's safety awareness and self-protection capability, create a good business environment, promote the steady development of the company safety harmonious situation.

Second, the activity time

1 June 2017 solstice on June 30.

Third, activity theme

Scientific development, safe development

Fourth, the organization

Company held a meeting immediately, set up new resources group co., LTD in jiangsu in 2017 \"safety production month\" activities leading group, members are as follows:

Group: long Zhang Jinghong

The king of deputy team leader: Ying yu

Take the loyal group member: van Hong-xing Yang huang ping

Fourth, content

1, security mobilization

On June 4, regular meeting held a safety education, mobilization activities, strengthen safety education propaganda.

2, management of security inspection

On 4 June solstice week 8, division of Labour on a security census, for the company to make a thorough and comprehensive security hidden perils, focusing on office security, fire equipment, and in the past business, found hidden danger liability related departments rectification within a time limit.

3, safety propaganda

(1) suspension \"safe production month\" theme content and content such as \"economic management, safe production\" banner.

(2) on June 4 to 10, watch the theme promotion \"people-oriented, safety first, China launched a security development strategy, movies, the regulation of life and accident warning educational series of activities such as\" human life \".

(3) on June 11 to 17, safety culture week activities.To undertake all kinds of cultural propaganda, safety training and education of legal system.

(4) on 30 June 1 solstice, carry out \"scientific development, security development\" theme knowledge competition.Learn safety knowledge.

4, safety drills

On June 18 to 24, organizing production safety emergency plan practice week activities.

Five, the actions required

1, strengthen the leadership, raise awareness

We need to improve the company \"safe production month\" activities the understanding of the significance, the \"safe production month\" activities as an important content to pay special attention to the safety work, to promote the security responsibility and the implementation of work safety.Company leadership team leadership work comprehensively, to individual members, make sure all the works carried out solid and effective.

2, make plan, orderly

Company according to the higher authority related document spirit, in combination with the practical situation of the company, to develop the activity of the plan, and according to the plan in order to carry out, ensure that the event content rich form innovation, has the actual effect.

3, a variety of forms, increase the propaganda

Make full use of the banners, publicity column, such as a propaganda tool, the propaganda of the party and the state production safety policies and laws and regulations, promote security form and task faced by the current management, strengthen the consciousness of all staff of the legal system and safety awareness.

In a word, I companies to the event as an opportunity to further implement the work safety responsibility, strengthening basic management, improve and perfect the security facilities, carefully check, timely rectification, ensure safe construction.