The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic fabrics

2015-12-16 16:10:36

Acrylon j., the polyacrylonitrile fiber, which is known abroad as "orlon" and "cashmere". Acrylic is a kind of synthetic fiber, with a white appearance, crimp, fluffy, soft, bright color, light, antibacterial, does not fear the bug eat by moth, like wool, more used to and wool blended or as a substitute for wool, so it is also known as "synthetic wool". It is widely used in the fields of clothing, home textile, decoration, industry and so on.

The purpose of acrylon:

USES 1: acrylic can blended wool with wool, or woven blanket, carpet and so on.

Purpose 2: acrylic can be blended with cotton, synthetic fibre and other synthetic fibers, woven into various materials and indoor articles.

Use 3: article of body hair can be pure spinning acrylic processing, or blended with viscose fiber, wool, produce various kinds of specifications of the coarse yarn and fine wool "cashmere".

The advantages of acrylic:

Advantage 1: the performance of acrylic fabrics is very similar to wool, but the flexibility is much better than the wool, in the case of elongation 20%, the rebound rate still can stay at around 65%.

Advantage 2: acrylic fabric on the warmth retention property is better than wool, acrylic fiber fleeciness curl on appearance, feel is very soft to the touch, so the warmth retention property is much better than wool fabrics, there was a "synthetic wool".

Advantage 3: strength is higher than wool, acrylic fabric at present, the strength of the acrylic fiber at around 22.1 ~ 48.5 cN/dtex, lower than the acrylic and wool fabrics on the degree of 1 to 2.5 times or so.

Advantages 4: acrylic fiber resistance to the sun is very strong, which is fast performance is good, if you put the acrylic fiber in the sun insolates, there will be no problems and have the experimental results show that the items made of acrylic fabric into a year in the sun insolates, the intensity just fell by less than 20%, visible how high its usefulness

Advantage 5: the product that is made of acrylic fabrics is not afraid of acid attack commonly, the performance of acerbity, oxidizer and general organic solvent is very good.

The disadvantage of acrylic

Defect 1: acrylic fabrics also have a certain defect, namely the alkalinity is inferior, when washing, use alkaline cleanness article should notice. At the same time, the higher temperature of acrylic fiber fabrics produced great influence, under the high temperature of 190 to 230 degrees or so, women's clothing fabrics acrylic fibre softening phenomenon will occur. Also, the moisture absorption of acrylic fabrics is also inferior.

Weakness 2: acrylic belongs to short fiber, and short fiber is easy to start ball. So the poor quality of the acrylic fabrics used long have little round balls one by one, seem to be very ugly, so now a lot of acrylic wool sweater will be mixed part, to prevent the phenomenon of the ball.