Brief introduction of ChifengHuayuan Wool Industry Co., Ltd.
     Chifeng Huayuan Wool Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter short for Chifeng wool industry) is a subsidiary company of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation and Jiangsu zhongxin Resources Group ,co.,Ltd , is located in the birthplace of the Hongshan culture, be known to all the world---------Chifeng.

     Chifeng wool industry covers an area of 26.6 million square meters, construction area of 15 million square meters, There are two sub companies is Beijin Huayuan Wandu technology & trade co.Ltd. and Chifeng Huadu real estate development Co.Ltd.There are five production factory is the first textile factory, the second textile factory, dyeing factory,Knitting mill,and thermoelectric factory. The existing staff of 2300 people , Enterprise existing worsted scale of 2.5 million spindles, wool knitting yarn 5million ingot,design and production of worsted fabrics 5 million meters,Wool knitting yarn 1.5million tons ,the power of 36 millon KWH. Is a collection of worsted, woolen, weaving yarn, cogeneration of large conglomerates.   
   The company has advanced equipment, It can produce dozens of species, more than 2000 color essence, woolen products, and a variety of specifications,to adapt to different sectors, different regions, different countries, different seasons of consumer demand, the market competition ability is strong. The wovsted and woolen fabrics of the brand of "Jin Feng", have won the awards such as "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region famous brand" and "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region science and technology famous products", the products has won the "wei er jia bei" award and the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Chifeng municipal science and technology progress award many times. Products are mainly exported to Europe, North America,Southeast Asia and the Middle East countries and regions. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification, is the national textile and harmonious enterprise construction advanced unit, the national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region quality management advanced unit, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and the protection of key enterprises in Chifeng city. awarded "excellent taxpayer"by the Chifeng Municipal Local Taxation Bureau , the people's Bank of China was rated as "trustworthy enterprise by loans" ,was awarded "AA credit enterprise"by Bank of China. the enterprise technology center was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center.

    Chifeng wool industry keep up with the pace of times , to promote scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises, The overall level of equipment has reached the advanced level.established the Beijin Huayuan Wandu technology & trade Co.Ltd. in the capital city of Beijing, as a platform to develop international trade and product R & D, carried out extensive technical cooperation with Italy, Britain and other wool textile enterprises, the "NOBSTER" (nan bo si te) brand of high-grade fabric with the England style has become mainstream products in enterprise, which has the international first-class products processing capacity.We deeply research the Trinity combination of scientific research and production mode of operation, and established a cooperative relationship with Tianjin University of Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Technology and Inner Mongolia textile industry school.Companies to cooperate with many well-known domestic textile enterprises and brand clothing company famous, in product development and innovation of science and technology and other aspects of the establishment of a new operation mode.

    The Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, development through science and technology, management of enterprise culture, brand innovation" principle, Keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovation,seize opportunity, accelerate development, try hard to build the company into a domestic first-class wool textile enterprises.