Youxing Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.
      Nantong Youxing Electromechanical Industry Co Ltd by the United States Yousheng Electromechanical Industry Co Ltd (FAAF) investment in October 1993 to set up wholly owned enterprises, registered capital of 5 million 350 thousand U.S. dollars. Company's main products for automotive connectors and wiring harness assembly accessories, is the research, development and production of automotive connector of specialized enterprises. After many years of business development, has gradually become the Chinese auto parts industry star enterprise. 

   The company covers an area of 14000 square meters, 21000 square meters of building area. The company has from Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Germany, the introduction of high precision EDM, CNC wire cutting machine, injection molding machine, high-speed punching machine, precision machine tools, and other advanced production equipment.

  Company predecessor is connector production of professional chemical plant, has a rich experience in the research and development of the connectors and the mold design and manufacturing team. Among them, high, intermediate technical staff accounted for more than 30% of the employees of the company, has a strong ability to mold development, especially to the car with connector mold design and development has accumulated many years of experience, in recent years, design and manufacture of the different series of car in the mould of the connector, with more than 300 sets of / in the mold production scale and capacity. The company set up a mold design, connector design technology development center, the center has more than 30 computers, the composition of CAD network system. At present, the main use of the software for 2D and 3D software, from product design to process documents preparation, using the computer management, and the establishment of the database, model of automobile electrical principle, different current all connectors, different grades of raw material level, and a circuit checking calculation formula consisting of wire harness design database. The company has established a perfect computer network, the establishment of a unified design platform through the Internet with customers, accelerate the pace of the new product development, shorten the product development cycle. The company was awarded the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province.

  In 1995 the company obtained ISO-9002 quality system certification, and passed the three recertification audit. In 2000 through the QS-9000 quality certification system RWTUV. August 2006 ISO/TS16949:2002 international certification.

    For the introduction of foreign industry advanced management technology, the company invited the three engineers in America's top auto parts manufacturers to our company, for a period of six months of counseling for professional processing technology, quality control and process control, so that our company as soon as possible to master the international advanced manufacturing process and quality control method.

      Because of my company's product quality level is higher, has for six consecutive years was named JMC excellent supplier, other manufacturers to come to our company for supplier quality assessment, have been unanimously praised.