Ningbo Zhongxin Acrylic Fibers Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Zhongxin Acrylic Fibers Co.,Ltd, which registered in March of 2003 located in Ningbo Economic and Technoligical Development Zone, adjacent to East China Sea, close to Beilun Harbor known as "Oriental favourable deep harbor" and less than one hundred meters of the coast line.

The company covers an area of 150 thousand m2 ,registered capital of 138 million USD, the actual investment is 191.89 million USD, the main products are acrylic fibers, the product amount is 50000 ton per year.

The project was approved the recognition by the state Development Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China and confirmed to be "Domestic-Funded or Foreign-Funded Project Encouraged by the State for Development".

The acrylic staple fibre production technology of Japan Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation is a global leader, whose performance index such as hand feel, glossness, shrinkage, etc.rank first in the same trade.Ningbo Zhongxin Acrylic Fibers Co.,Ltd inherited and developed advanced wet-type spinning technology, adopted Japan Mitsubishi Liyang wet spinning two-step production workmanship, use Acrylonitrile and vinyl acetate as monomer and use Dimethyl acetamide as solvent. The whole core equipment is brought in from Japan, main equipment importer from Italy and Germany, meanwhile, strictly implement environmental policies to protect blue sky and clear water according to law.

The workmanship, security, environmental protection, product quality by Ningbo Zhongxin Company is completely the same as domestic factories in Japan Mitsubishi Rayon. Ningbo Zhongxin not only adopted world-class production technology and workmanship of Mitsubishi Liyang, but also self-built production water purification facilities and sewage treatment facilities, and realized the cycle use of cooling water.