zhongxin logo


1, logo design with bright colors and curve composed of "new" word Pinyin initials fancy shapes (Z, x), modelling design soft, stretches, rhyme. Logo consists of two colors red and blue, red symbolizes passion and vitality, positive enterprising, solidarity; blue symbolizes the rational tolerance, stability and harmony, leading technology, long-term vision, Heiner rivers, the courage to play and harmonious development.

2, two interaction of two colors red and blue arc the consists of 18 small elliptic points arranged, two line by the respective origin outwards extended arc, which interact with each other, we are inseparable, a symbol of the company and customer relationship is interdependent and closely combined the rapport, is concise and lively, very dynamic. Two arcs extends to the peripheral infinite spiral, like open arms, passing confidence and enthusiasm, symbolizes the broadness amounts to the mind and open consciousness, the long-term eyes and heroic momentum means extending in all directions, contains the "only into the orbit of the international standards, only an unlimited extension of the space" of the corporate philosophy.

3, such as the age of the Internet and identifies the page loading, start the program running non-stop graphics, very dynamic, lively, symbolizes the courage to explore and creative practice, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise.