Company Profile

Jiangsu Zhongxin Resources Group Co.,Ltd (hereinafter short for ZXRG) is located in the eastern suburbs of Nantong City, Jiangsu, China. It is to the north shore of Yangtse River, the most beautiful and famous river in China and in the south of Jianghai Plain where the climate is pleasant and scenery is charming. To the north of the company is Nantong Airport, in the west is Nantong Railway Freight Station, and in the south is Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge. So the transportation here is pretty convenient.

ZXRG was established in 2000 with RMB 3 billion of total assets. After several years of rapid and steady development, ZXRG has a complete textile industry chain which covers acrylic fiber manufacturing, worsted &semi worsted yarn, worsted fabrics, tailored suits, etc. Meanwhile ,ZXRG is also seeking an effective extension in the fields of auto parts production, integrated finance , real estate development and some other related industries. ZXRG has presently 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries. They are: Ningbo Zhongxin Acrylic Fibers Co., Ltd(in Zhejiang province),Shanghai Baoling plastic products co.,Ltd(in Shanghai province), Nantong Sunrise Worsted Spinning Co.,Ltd(in Jiangsu province), Nantong Twelfth Cotton Textile Co., Ltd(in Jiangsu province),, Caoxian Zhongxin Textile Technology Co., Ltd(in Shandong province),, Nantong Unistar Electro-Mechanical Industries Co., Ltd(in Jiangsu province),, FORD KING LIMITEDHONGKONG, Ethio China Acrylic Products PLC (Ethiopia). In addition, ZXRG has four joint stock companies, they are: Chifeng Huayuan Wool Industry Co., Ltd (Holding Company in Inner Mongolia ), Jilin JiMont Acrylic Fiber Co. Ltd(Accounted for 50% stake, in Jilin province), Nantong Hymo Apparel Co. Ltd and(Accounted for 35% stake, in Jiangsu province) and Suzhou Guanjing Real Estate Dvpt Co., Ltd (Accounted for 35% stake, in Jiangsu province). ZXRG owns a annual manufacturing capacity of 220 thousand tons of all kinds of acrylic tow, differential acrylic staple fiber, 20 thousand tons of All kinds of worsted & semi worsted yarn, vortex spinning special yarn , 5 million meters high-grade wool blended fabrics and 100 thousand sets of high-end suits, the annual sales of ZXRG is RMB 4.8 billion.

ZXRG focuses on industrial diversification by continuous innovation, positive enterprising, strengthens the cooperation between enterprises and colleges in order to build a dynamic professional team for implementing strategic human resource management. ZXRG is giving full play to the advantages of group management resources to consolidate the leading position in the industry by increasing efforts to develop new materials, extending the industrial chain, exploiting petrochemical products, environmental chemical. ZXRG is relying on Internet Plus and Supply Chain Finance to expand product market coverage and to make the industries of ZXRG be more effective and stable. ZXRG is striving to build an integrated enterprise group with an international influence in the development of new materials and industry upstream and downstream links .

While focusing on the rapid and steady development, the Integrated Management System of Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) is now in full operation. ZXRG is making arduous efforts to realize the coordinated development between human and the natural environment, the enterprise and the social benefit by the management idea of market-oriented, serving the society as its duty, upholding the international business philosophy and continuous development.