President Speech

The new group is a fast growing company, keep pace with the times. Given our greater challenges opportunities for development in the new period, we will uphold the principle of "people and coordination, good governance, creative practice, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, continue to adhere to the advance of science and technology, market leader, capital operation, rolling development strategy, trying to create a first-class performance, launch a first-class brand, build first-class image, continuing to pursue the perfection and development of the brand, to supply the best products and services to the society. To achieve diversified development on the base of steady development, and strive to become a leader in the industry.


In view of this, we would like to have and are given to help people from all walks of life, sincere respect and sincere thanks!


As the Iron Man Road, chamc. We made history, we must create tomorrow, we can not refuse the call of the ideal.